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Purity explores the long-term emotional and psychological trauma that can be caused by purity culture and abstinence only education. While it has a fairly kind perspective on Christianity as a whole, it does NOT have a kind view of purity culture. This book contains kinky sex, including primal fantasies and consensual non-consent.


  • Exploration of the sexual shame that comes from being raised in purity culture

  • Internalized homophobia 

    • FMC reflects on how disgusted she felt with herself when she fantasized about other women​

  • MMC manipulates FMC before they have sex, which blurs the lines of consent

Shame 3D Graphic.png


  • An extremely jealous and possessive MMC

  • Financial manipulation and coercion 

  • One instance of domestic violence (brief choking) committed by MMC

  • Degradation kink (consensual)

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  • Addiction to anxiety medication

  • Panic disorder

  • One instance of on-the-page infidelity

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  • MMC is extremely jealous, possessive, and controlling.

  • Power imbalance between MMC and FMC

    • MMC hires FMC to be his fake girlfriend with benefits

  • One instance of slut shaming in backstory

  • Addiction is explored in a secondary character.

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